Monday, October 18, 2010

Repaint Lesson - Step Fourteen

Using Burnt Umber I drew a line in for the lip crease. I want to measure the length of her lips with her irises but I am noticing that the irises might not be even now that I have built on makeup. So I am going to fix that before I move back to the lips.

To do that I will balance the iris using Titanium White and then I will draw them back in the same way with Black and Burnt Umber. I don’t paint over the irises and start over. I use Titanium White on the outside and then I go over the irises outside line again in Black and then I filled it in again with Burnt Umber. I was able to go back to the lip crease and lengthen it some more since I had something to measure it by. I feel like there is more balance with the eyes now.

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