Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fighters Don't Quit...

These are the words of Dolvett, the trainer on The Biggest Loser last night and I loved them so much I had to write them down.

In the face of adversity it is so easy to just give up... or to complain. I looked back last night on a journal I had written exactly 10 years ago this year. My life has changed in so many ways but the one thing I noticed the most was my complaining. I was learning at the time that I needed to focus more on being grateful and less on what was wrong with my life.

Since then a lot has changed but not without hitting some major road bumps. I would even call them full craters.  I still haven't overcome them and I have found myself a little whiny. Dolvett is right. Fighters never quit and they don't whine. Whining will get you absolutely nowhere. Maybe a sympathetic ear (which I have been very grateful for.) But it is not productive in the least.

I do believe we all need time to cry. To feel the pain of whatever is wrong. Maybe even to bitch about it. But we have to know when to stop and let it go. When to forgive and move on. When to recognize that people are only working with what they know and what they have been taught. This includes me.

It is never good to bury your head in the sand to hide from a situation that seems way bigger than you. I feel like I do that sometimes. I just go about my business as if nothing is wrong. Maybe I am hoping it will just resolve itself or simply go away. I sometimes think I might even be waiting for someone else to fix it.

Then it comes to a point where I have to fix it myself because no one else is there. At the end of the day it is me... all me... my successes and my failures. And I always come through at the very end. I have taken the long, painful road instead of taking care of the situation right away. It would have been so much easier if I hadn't hidden from the truth. And this is in every aspect of life.

I must have some powerful lessons to learn. This is how I console myself. If you are asking yourself why the same things keep happening to you over and over again it is probably because, like me, you are stubborn and you haven't learned yet.

It is okay though. No reason to get upset about it. Today is a good day to take the lessons that we have learned and truly apply them. To be winners in our own lives. That is my plan. To not get overwhelmed by everything. It is so easy to do too. I am often overwhelmed to the point that when even the smallest thing goes wrong I brake down. I have to be stronger than that, to stop making excuses and do it. I often hear the chatter in my brain that I am not smart enough or talented enough or attractive enough.... just not enough. It is all a bunch of crap, of course. I have to let that go and find the fighter in me and live to my fullest potential.

Here is to a new day! Everyone gets a fresh start each and every morning. A new chance to turn things around. A clean slate. Don't be a quitter, don't be a whiner, just DO THE WORK!

Thanks Dolvett!


This video is SO worth watching....