Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So there that is - I am sure I am missing a doll...

but that is okay... I should probably update my website.

What has been going on with me. Well - working out and walking every day. That wasn't really my New Year's resolution... I started early November and didn't get too side tracked by the holidays until Christmas. It took me a few weeks to recover from wanting cookies all the time. But I am there now - eating healthy - skipping the cookies.

The water heater is broken which is sort of funny because if anyone was following my blog in the summer then they know my A/C was out. I couldn't even work it was so hot. Why didn't it break in the winter? No - the water heater breaks in the winter so the water is ice cold. LOL Well - it is okay. I still get about 10 minutes of hot water out of it but it is increasingly getting warmer and warmer. We are getting a new one put in this weekend. We will survive!

I am reading - that has been fun. I got a Kindle for Christmas and since I received it I have read nearly 5 books. That is a lot for me since I can't remember the last book I read. Actually - I do. Roxy read all of the Twilight books to me out loud. So I didn't actually read them at all - did I. Before that I listened to the last Harry Potter... so I haven't been reading much. This Kindle has changed all of that. Ironically I am reading another vampire series called The Black Dagger Brotherhood... and I absolutely love it. I am on Book 5. I really do recommend these books for anyone who loves vampires and well, awesome stories that are a bit different and original. I would love to see these stories on Showtime or HBO but I am afraid the vampires are taking over so there isn't much more room. Oh well.

Other than that all is good. I had coffee with an old friend. She looked great and brought her beautiful new daughter with her... only 3 months old! She is adorable. I had the best time talking with her - we were only going to visit for a few hours and we were there for almost five!

More tomorrow... I have to go to bed and read! Night!

Finally today I posted this doll...

This is Maribella. She was created out of a 16" Tonner Magnolia which is a pretty doll all by itself. After I completed my Briar Rose repaint I decided to carry the princess look over to Magnolia. The colors are so vibrant. I hope you like her.

Here come two more!

Here are Kristen and Rob together.

I am so bad!

I was being pretty good with my blog and suddenly I totally forgot about it. I have had several dolls that I haven't posted. I will do that first. Here they are!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well - I am finally shipping today...

That involves several things and takes way longer than I ever think it will. I always want to do art and shipping on the same day and it never works out. Sigh...

Right now I am printing a print and burning DVDs... I have a few dolls to box as well. Once I am all done I can pop over the the post office. That won't be until around 3PM. I would love to have someone else do it. LOL

Sooo - no painting today. I did complete a new Bella yesterday. Here is her picture. And I will be focusing on completing at least one commission tomorrow. Weee...

It is day 7 into the new year and I still have my tree up. How many days will it that me to get that put away? Hum... this weekend?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sorry for the typos!

Sleepy - remember. : )

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Yeah - I know it is the 5th but that is okay. I am just dragging after the holidays. I am so sleepy! I am getting back into the grove of things but I am sleepy. : ) I did finish up an Twilight Edward today! He has been sitting around for a while waiting for me but I took advantage of the holiday and just relaxed (between cooking and cleaning).

Yesterday I went to see Avatar in the IMAX 3D! It was incredible of course! Everyone should see it. And I am on Book Three of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series which is a sexy vampire series I am loving... recommended my a friend! Much appreciated too as I am completely engulfed in these books.

So check out my Edward. He is on eBay now! Go see Avatar if you haven't yet and check out the Black Dagger Brotherhood if you like that sort of thing. I am off to watch the biggest loser. Oh no! Here in Florida we have overnight freeze warnings! Yikes! I had a fire going all day but I am out of wood now. Wahhh