Friday, October 8, 2010


I don't know how it was for everyone else but this week FLEW by for me. I really feel like I got a lot accomplished too. The house is neat! Listen - I still have problem areas. Does anyone have one of those rooms that is the catchall? I certainly do. My office is also a big old mess right now but I can close that door. : )

My cousin sent me a site ages ago - It helps you get your house in order one little step at a time. I think I will do this. You can find flylady on Facebook as well.

On Wednesday I went to breakfast with Shannon and after we ate we took a trip to Walmart where I bought flour sack towels to make my "un-paper napkins" with. Now Shannon said she likes her to be two-ply but I decided to try one-ply. I am completely happy with them that way. I got six little "un-paper towels" out of each flour sack towel. I seamed up the edges, washed them, and put them in a little basket on my counter. Basically I now how cloth napkins but I love them and the idea. If you want to use them when you repaint remember that acrylic paint will not wash out of cloth. You can use them over and over - but only for painting. : ) I will make myself a set just for that and eventually weed out any and all need for real paper towels. I believe Shannon said I would save about $300 a year and that is not too shabby.

I guess it is time for me to get busy. Have a little breakfast (I still have those muffins) and post a few more repaint lessons.

Have a safe and happy weekend! LL

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    You might know me from Prego, though I don't post there often.
    Thanks so much for the repaint lessons! I hope I will someday get a mannequin to try it out, but I love seeing the process and wonder what will happen next.
    I love reading your blog so I gave you a lovely blog award. If you like to play as well you can read about it here;