Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Monday morning!

Just sitting here with a nice cup of coffee reading an article about stomach problems. Of course it states that I should skip the coffee. Hum.... I do love my coffee. If you find yourself taking any kind of antacids this article might help you. It is hard for me to give up my coffee... maybe herbal tea?

I have been up since 8am. Yep - that is right. After taking the dogs out and giving all of the animals a nice proper good morning hello I grabbed that coffee I probably shouldn't have (it is Starbuck's Sumtra - one of my favorites) and started reading my emails. Then it was onto Facebook. After that I played around with my blog templates and messed up the layout... discovered I couldn't get it back the way I liked it and decided it really didn't matter that much. Now - I need to go wake Roxy and and have some breakfast. Looks like I will be skipping the wheat, per that article, and having something delicate. No dairy! Fruit? Who knows.

Maybe I will eventually get to work!

Have a happy and prosperous Monday! LL

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