Saturday, October 23, 2010


This week has been so strange. I haven't accomplished much with my work. I read Halo's blog and she had a part about painter's block. Very interesting and super helpful - thank you Sam!

Check out Sam's blog... it is full of information.

My painter's block has turned into more than that... it is literally a worker's block. I sit down and stare at my things. I am behind on shipping in a serious way. I haven't put anything on eBay in several weeks. The only thing I am pretty caught up on are my commissions - however I haven't mailed them.

The problem is that this is my only source of income as it stands now so when I stop - well so does my money. I am not just sitting around. I have been cleaning and organizing, going out and having fun... so what is my deal with the shipping? Here is the dilemma. I wake up and come into my office. I spend way too much time on the computer. Then I have to decide between shipping and painting. That is like deciding between getting paid or not! I get myself in such a frenzy sometimes I end up doing nothing with my work at all!

Goodness... so what I tell myself is always the same... "tomorrow is another day." And so it is. Somehow over this weekend I plan on packing the million things I need to ship. I will also email everyone to let them know about the delay. That is so very important. Most people really just want to be kept up to date. Everyone I am behind on is overseas (that is why I haven't shipped because I can't just put it out for the mailman to pick up). On Monday all I have to do is head to the post office. I have a Gene repaint in the works that I can finish up on Monday as well. I also have things I have already photographed to sell. I will be fine, I always am.

Mostly I remind myself how happy I am with what I do. I forgive myself a LOT. I love that my house is cleaned up. My 18 year old daughter is very helpful and I can ask more of her. She is also driving now which is another plus. I am very blessed! I have been in far worse situations and the sun still came up the next day. I look at all of the good in my life.

Regardless if you work for yourself, are a homemaker, or work outside of the home there are always challenges.... I think the best way to stay focused is to be grateful for everything you do have in your life and not be too hard on yourself. There is so much to be happy for. Always look for that over the chaos.

Lots of hugs!!! LL


  1. Laurie, whatever we do for a living should always be FUN and challenging. That is what keeps us eager to resume our endeavors. My advice is to find something that is not the same old thing for you, something that makes you stretch as an artist. The money is always secondary when you love what you do. Hugs! --Lois

  2. Hey, Lady, thanks for the shout out :) Sounds like you had it bad but judging from your latest girls it looks like you made it through! Obviously I totally commiserate. There are some days I have to force myself not to turn on the computer because it's a total time sucker. If I have to, I try to answer emails and check messages either really early or really late so I don't get caught up in back and forth. I hope you got your shipping done too. I know what a weight that will be off your shoulders! Best of luck!