Monday, August 31, 2009

I can only work on her at night...

Today I was way too busy so I just put a wig on her to see what she would look like. I will have to smooth it all out after. Still - fun!

The last day of August...

Whew - so today I was able to finish up my Gypsy girl. She is 4th in the Gypsy Series and is the sister to Marko and Luca. Her name is Gitana and she happens to be a new Tyler... last one of the month.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today was a nice day...

Steve worked on my computer... he is giving me a new browser soon and I got to play with a little today. It is SO much fun and advanced. I usually hate learning where all of the new buttons are but it is so cool it is work it.

Tomorrow is the last day of August! This month flew by. I haven't even gathered all of my male repaints for September. I think we all know I will be saving goth repaints for October. : )

I am going with Kaylee... a classic Tyler from 2006.


Another Sunday working on my computer...

He is switching over stuff from my old hard drive to my new hard drive so I can't get at my pictures right now to upload one. I will later on!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Posting this before I go to bed..

My sculpted head is getting a body. It is all pretty rough right now but she is coming along. Her dress will be black and she will be dark and gothic. I am having fun with this project. : )She would be about 16" tall standing.

This is the best video! A MUST watch...

In the Gypsy Series...

Gitana will be next. She is the sister to Marko and Luca and the cousin of Nicabar.

Also - look what I have been playing with...

I sculpted this the other day. Need a body to go with it!

Saturday and almost the end of August...

That means summer is almost over and the holidays are coming! I found the most adorable tombstones and I am dressing them up to look much cooler. Also posting a pic of my diva of the day - Classic Tyler... Winter from 2002... bring on the winter!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Shuttle Discovery picture... launch was at 11:59PM

Just a beautiful sight!

Must see this!

Apparently the Ukraine's Got Talent! Check out this amazing woman's art. It is a story told in this amazing medium... there are other you tube videos of her as well. I just love it. This one is about WWII. Enjoy...


Went for the Friday hike in the woods today. We would go every day but it doesn't open until 9am and by the time I get home, eat, shower, etc... half my day is gone. So we go on Fridays. Today was interesting though, as we are walking I can hear little sprinkles from rain. But it was sunny so I didn't worry about it and we were under the canopy of the trees. But suddenly the sky opened up and we got soaked! Roxy was so smart, she had a hat and sunglasses on. I was not so lucky. We were a half mile in the woods and had more than a half mile to get out. I just accepted that I was going to be soaked and I was. It was kind of funny because right before the sky opened up Roxy said she wished she could jump in a pool. Nice. : )

I haven't accomplished much today but it isn't over yet. I did cook and clean. Guess I had better get to work!

Here is a Classic Tyler for the day. She is Addison and was created earlier this year.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ohhh - Robert Tonner has a blog.

Thought others would want to follow him...

Getting a late start today...

Couldn't sleep last night so we slept in... have to go jump on the treadmill but here is the Tyler for the day.

Portia - Classic Tyler created in 2004.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is it really the 26th of August?!

That could only mean one thing! The holiday season is quickly approaching! I love love the holidays. I have already started on my creepy dolls. So excited!

I also have to start thinking about what group of dolls to showcase for September... hum... how about MAN DOLLS! That will be fun. I will start making my file so I will be all ready.

Classic Tyler for the day is Arwen created in 2004. : ) Have a happy day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3rd in the Gypsy Series... Nicabar

He is the cousin to brothers Marko and Luca! His auction is tonight at 9PM EST.
Go to my website for more information...

Finally settling down to work.

Up early though - had breakfast, walked, and showered. Getting ready to paint.

Classic Tyler repaint for the day... Blossom from 2004.

Monday, August 24, 2009

So I only managed one doll today but hey...

I did get her finished and pictures taken just in time before I lost the sun.

She is an Antoinette repaint, resculpt, and partial reroot of Courtney Cox. Hope you like her! Her auction begins at 9:00PM EST tonight. My website is

XOXOX - time to get some dinner and watch tv... my day is done!!!!!!!!!

Monday morning...

Today Roxy and I went for our morning walk. It was really humid out so we walked quickly to get it over with. : ) Came home and showered so I am ready to paint. I still have a lot of dolls on my plate that need to be moved on outta here.

The weekend was really nice. On Saturday I did Roxy's hair. Highlights and cut. Came out so cute that I am going to make an appointment to finally get my hair cut. It is way too long and so out of shape. The last couple of times I have cut it myself but I am going to have someone else do it for me this time.

Oh yeah - I also went out and found these amazing tomb stones that are a perfect 16" doll size. Rox and I are going to decorate it up for Halloween!

On Sunday we watched the rest of this season's 24. I do love that show. And then later we watched the Miss Universe Pageant. It was good too. Some really pretty gowns.

Today I haven't decided which dolls I will finish up. I am shooting for two that I have already started but we will see. Not sure who it will be but I will have at least one auction later on.

My Tyler for today is Chase - she is a classic Tyler and one of my favorites. She was created in 2003.


for Sunday I have Flame created out of a Classic Tyler in 2004.

The weekend is over...

I have several days to make up for my Tylers... here is Saturday: Romantic Victoria is a classic Tyler from 2003.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Didn't post yesterday - too busy...

Yesterday was Roxy's day. She got highlights and that takes a while. Then she got a haircut and style. It was a fun day. We stuck with Subway since we were busy with hair all day. It came out great.

I will post some pictures of the day later. Steve is still doing work on my computer. Not suppose to be on it. Going to have some breakfast. Today is a lazy day.


Friday, August 21, 2009

It's FRIDAY! Got to sleep in extra today...

We are going to walk out at this place this is all wooded today. It is more like hiking and avoiding the wild boars! Serious! It is really pretty there. It doesn't open until 9AM so we just slept a little longer today.

Here is my Tyler for the day. Going with new Tyler today... she is pretty current.

Gotta eat some breakfast for that hike!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

And finally my auction doll...

Sandra Bullock out of a Basic Tess... : ) Whew! It was a long day. Mostly I had to touch up their faces and finish their hair. Still working on the auction.


Halle Berry...

Here they are... I did it!

I completed two commissions and one auction doll today. So tired - not going to lie!

First you have Britney out of a Cameo Antoinette...

Dolls to complete today!

I will get these done and photographed by the end of the day!

Read my emails and tweets...

Now I am having come coffee before my walk this morning. Another day - another doll. Gotta finish more dolls.

Roxy just came in and said the host of Dancing with the Stars - Samantha Harris is only 5'4" - honestly! I thought she was like 5'10". Why do some people look so tall on tv. Kelli Ripa looks no more than 5'1" but she is 5'3"! Just an inch shorter than Samantha Harris. Weird!

Okay - so this is some of the stuff we talk about around here. Pop culture! Ha

Here is my Tyler of the day... she is a classic Tyler...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So this is what I worked on today...

My friend, Kedra Manning, who is a repaint artist as well, thought a doll I did looked a lot like her... so I revamped her for Kedra and here she is - redone.

Just about ready to go for my walk...

Eating some yogurt and then Rox and I are off for our morning walk. Looks like it is a nice day. Feel so much better and ready to paint. Didn't get to paint at all yesterday - packing and shipping instead. Do have to run to the post office again today anyway but packages are already packed! Yay!

Tyler of the day... how about a classic Tyler repaint from 2007 inspired by Rachel Bilson... Summer.

Hopefully today and tomorrow I will have some completed commissions to show and some new dolls! Off for my walk now!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ahhh - shipping is done....

Roxy is now washing the clothes. Awesome! Going to make pizza for dinner - the healthy kind. Whole wheat, veggies, light on the cheese... yummy!

My child's work...

She has labeled the pantry to make sure I put things in the right place. HA

Sick last night...

I had such a productive day yesterday and then last night I couldn't sleep because I was sick. I feel better this morning but it threw me all off. Grrrr

Trying to get back on track. Roxy is cleaning out the pantry... which made me see how much food we don't have! It looks great in there - all clean. She is on a tear - yesterday she cleaned and rearranged her room. You go girl!

Tyler of the day is the romantic Bebe - created in 2002. She is a classic Tyler.

Monday, August 17, 2009

And also a Spice Antoinette...

She was inspired by super model Iman!

Go to my website to see more pictures.. the auctions begin at 9:30PM EST.

Finished up TWO dolls today!

Guess getting up early and exercising really helps. Who knew!

I recently created a gypsy man named Marko - I enjoyed that so much I created his brother, Luca. He was also made out of a Jeremy doll.

Started my day out early...

First I got up at 6:30am and walked for 2 miles. I haven't walked or exercised in a while so it was past time that I started.

I just boxed up some dolls for shipping and I am getting ready to paint.

Here is my Tyler of the day... this is a classic Tyler, Mariel from 2003.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My computer was getting some work done today...

so I haven't really been on. I didn't do very much over the weekend anyway to speak of.

Here is my Tyler of the day - she is the new Tyler sculpt named Bryce. : )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting ready for bed... updated my website...

the gallery page and the commissions page. : )NIGHT!

Weird - the picture didn't work. Trying again.

Oopsy! Forgot to post the Tyler of the day today.

Got up too late this morning and just dragged most of the day because of it. Ended up watching 24. Love me some Jack Bauer...

Here is the Tyler of the day... this is Lana Lang inspired by the character on Smallville. She was created out of a classic Tyler in 2004.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hola! It is very cool in here!

Today I am spending some time getting my house back in order. I didn't move a lot when the A/C was out so I am cleaning up the house and restocking groceries... hate to take any time away from dolls but this has to be done. If the house is clean I will feel more creative.

Here is a Classic Tyler repaint inspired by Megan Fox. : )

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finished an auction doll today >>

She was formally Wicked from the Tonner Halloween Convention. She is now Harmony, an etheral goddess. I made the pictures really big for this auction. You can click on this picture to see.

Rough night's sleep...

For some reason I just couldn't sleep last night. Roxy and I are apparently still adjusting from having so many bad night's of sleep. It will get better.

Here is my Tyler of the day. This is my Minime... she is the new Tyler sculpt painted to resemble me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wondering why I can't paint faster?!

Working on more dolls... Antoinette as Iman. Not sure what to do with the hair though. I have lots of dolls in progress! But I am hungry for lunch.

One of the best night's sleep!

I slept so good last night. I am painting right now but wanted to post my Tyler of the day. This is Dante... she was created in 2006 out of a Classic Tyler. She has mohair.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Got a brand new A/C!!!

Wow - the installation was completed around 2:30PM. It is nice in here - still cooling off though. I am exhausted from lack of sleep over the last couple of days. A neighbor lent us a small window unit so we closed off our tv area the best we could and ran the little unit and fans. It kept the room nice but it was hard sleeping on the couch for several nights in a row. I am so tired and can hardly wait to crawl into my bed tonight and get some real rest. Tomorrow I have loads of work to do but I am looking forward to it.

The Tyler for today is a Classic Tyler named Fo and inspired by one of the models from Last season's Americas Next Top Model.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Too hot to be in the office...

I am just popping in to add my Tyler picture of the day. I have several dolls that will be available starting Wednesday - when the A/C is kicking in here. I do have a small window unit that we have in the television area that is working really well. We slept on the couch last night having blocked off that room. I am very stiff from the couch experience. : ) But it was worth it to stay cool. The new A/C will be installed in the morning and this house should be freezing cold by this time tomorrow!

Here is a classic Tyler repaint inspired by Stevie Nicks. She was created within the last year.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It is a hot Florida day...

Just popping in to post my Tyler of the day.

This one is from 2003 - she is a classic Tyler inspired by Natalie Wood. I will probably be revisiting Natalie as she was one of my favorite actresses.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Counting down until Tuesday...

That is when I get a new A/C unit. That is all I am going to say about that!

Here is my Tyler for the day. She is a classic Tyler inspired by Taylor Swift and was created earlier this year.

Have a happy and cool day!

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Lana repaint...

She still needs her hair styled... something romantic maybe. I haven't named her yet.

She is a Lana Lang sculpt. The picture is crystal clear - just click on it for a bigger version. : )

So funny!

My little chihuahua, Maui is sitting in an office chair next to me. I have a floor fan that is massive blowing in here and I just looked over and her chair was spinning round and round. Not fast but still it was pretty hysterical. Poor doggie!

It is hot again...

The house is about 82 degrees this morning. I have a massive fan that I will be using in here today so I can paint. I can hardly wait until I get the new unit in. Too bad A/C units don't die in the winter.

This is another Classic Tyler repaint from 2004... I chose her because she has warm colors! Her name is Dylan.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My computer is...

having work done so I will be on and off it over the next few days.

It has been a very stressful time around here. Mostly because the A/C is pretty much busted. It is being replaced on Saturday so be looking for some amazing doll repaint sales coming up! I need to pay for this thing. : )

Here is my Tyler for the day. It is better late than never. : ) She is a classic Tyler sculpt named Riley created in 2002. I can't find the dress she is wearing anywhere! I need to find it because I love it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

The week is sort of flying by. Yikes! Yesterday I did my shipping and then I ended up working in the yard and cleaning out a kitchen cabinet that was making me crazy. Now it looks so nice.

I am messy! I make messes everywhere I go. My office needed to be completely cleaned because it stifles my creativity. WAHHH... I will clean and organize it to perfection and then I will keep up with it for a while and then BAM - one day I stop and before I know it I have to do the big cleaning overhaul again.

When I clean it up I will take a picture. I have dolls, doll bodies, and doll heads everywhere! Poor dolls!

Better get to work. It is a nice, rainy day.

Here is my Tyler repaint for the day. She is a classic Tyler named Josilene repainted in 2002.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well - I am doing some shipping today but first I need to run to the store for just a few things. I always have hopes that I will have time to paint as well but usually shipping takes me much longer than I anticipate. Maybe later in the day I will have some time. In the words of Scarlett - Tomorrow is another day....

Here is my Tyler for the day. This is Holli who was originally inspired by Scarlett Johannson. She is the new Tyler sculpt.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Here is a closer look...

This doll took me forever! She has had her nose resculpted and highlights rooted in. She was created out of the High Seas Elizabeth Swann. I wanted her to have that golden tan she was famous for - not to mention that amazing hair!