Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Free Repainting Lesson... Getting started!

If you have never repainted before you will need a few items to get started. I use several different paints but many professional artists use craft paint from Walmart or their local craft store. You will need a palette or a paper/plastic plate, a cup of water, paper towels without print, toothpicks, acetone, Q-Tips and some decent brushes. Brushes are not something you can go cheap on. I buy mine online but you can get them at any Michael’s or local art store. Look for a complete list of supplies in this newsletter.

Your set-up will look something like this. Something you will definitely need is good lighting. I have a big window and a magnifying glass with a light. I bought it at my local Salvation Army Store. It was a lucky find. But you can buy them online or in craft stores such as Joann’s.

I used regular acetone to remove the face. It is quick and easy. All the while I am thinking about getting my mannequin Antoinettes and I can’t wait! No face to remove. Thank you Robert Tonner!

When you are removing your factory face paint remember to be careful to not let the product run into the hair, drip on the body, or run down the face. It could ruin your doll so be careful! YOU CANNOT USE ACETONE ON THE DOLL BODY!

I start with painting the whites in the eyes. It is the first step for me always. I paint the white a little outside the lines of the dolls sculpt. Antoinette has really big eyelids and I want to widen her eyes and reduce the look of her eyelids.

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  1. I love seeing the process you go through to repaint! Don't you remember my first attempts years ago. Poor Gene's were never the same. LOL LeeAnn