Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last night for Halloween Horror Nights!

Well - this is the last night for me. It is the night Roxy and I go with friends and we have express passes so we will see everything with no lines! Never did get to ride the big roller coaster. It is closed for the event but next year I will brave it.

Yesterday I finished up my ice princess arctic wolf doll and named her Arctica. She is available on my website for presale. She was a fun project.

The next few days will be pretty busy for me. Today we are going to Universal, tomorrow to the mall to finish up last minute shopping for Roxy's Halloween costume, Friday will be finishing up costumes too, and Saturday it will take me all day to get both girls ready for the party. I don't think I am going to move much on Sunday.

I realized that Halloween is Saturday and I still have some dolls I haven't finished so I guess we will have a few more fun, scary dolls anyway. I still have my Graveyard Vampire.. and a few others!

Here is a picture of Arctica! And a picture of a commission I just completed... John Paul Gaultier!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New ghost doll!

I just love this one! I hope you will too... she is such a little art doll and truly and one of a kind. : )

She was a Batgirl sculpt that I transformed into a ghost bride. There is a little story on her page. Here is the link to all of her pictures.

Her name isn't kitsi though - it is Alabaster.

Roxy and I have been working together to create dolls. She is getting more into the fun side of things and giving me great ideas! Her collaborative efforts will be fun to show off soon!

I am about to take a nice break. I am pooped! I am hungry too and need to figure out dinner. : ) Night!

Friday, October 16, 2009


This morning I got up and went out to the yard sales. There wasn't a lot for a girl like me. I was mostly looking for things for the dolls. However, I did find some goodies and even a couple of Halloween costume pieces for Roxy.

I found a pair of wicker chairs for the dolls. They like them very much... I am going to paint one black.

I found some fun pieces of jewelry that will work well with dolls.

The pickings were slim all in all but I did manage to find some goodies and that was fun.

I didn't work on dolls today so tomorrow bright and early I will be up working away... probably finishing up a commission - or getting close to finishing it. Maybe two! I have several that are so close to being done.

Here is a 2008 doll I did inspired by the movie Blade Runner - this is Pris.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Off to bed!

OMG - I just did an entire post and lost it somehow! WAHHHH

Now I have to recap it because I want to go to bed.

Tomorrow I am going to yard sales... looking for goodies for my dolls. Love yard sales and I haven't been in ages.

Discovered my commission list is much longer than I thought. Yikes! Working overtime for certain.

I completed a vampire today. Check out those little teeth!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For shame!

Roxy had to remind me that I haven't posted on my blog! Whoopsies! Is that a word? Well - I have been working on dolls - mainly commissions. I want to finish all of my current commissions before Christmas... I think I mentioned that before. Which means that my commission book is currently closed. Can't finish them if I keep adding to them. : )

I am working on a really cool commission of Jean Paul Gaultier and he is coming out so great! I really can't wait to show him off. As I work on him I sit back and clap my hands at how great he is turning out! Yay!

Let's see... I still have my victim available on eBay and who knows what else is coming down the line. I have a new idea every day... gotta stay focused.

Here is a picture of my victim. She is running from the vampire who left those bite marks on her neck!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My blog!

I haven't updated in a couple of days. Haven't had much to say... I have too many dolls going at once and no one is getting finished! I think I will go to bed right now so I can get up early and get a move on! Geez.... I did wash all of the clothes today. There is that. : ) And I do have some fun stuff coming up - there is that too!

Right now though - I think it is best if I go to bed and get some real rest.

Night all!

Here is a Halloween Doll I did a while back - Morticia was created out of a Cinderella sculpt in 2007.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sooo - I didn't go to...

Halloween Horror Nights last night so yesterday I didn't accomplish much of anything. Sigh... but I have ALL day today and I had better get to it. I have things to do!

Look for several fun dolls from me. Today - a vampire victim!

A Ghost Bride (not the Tim Burton one)
Kandee - you will see
Graveyard Vampire - inspired by this painting I did.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Friday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Am I ever being the quiet little blogger...

Well - in my defense I did give myself a nasty paper cut yesterday on the tip of my pointer finger - left hand a least. But you type with that one a lot! Or I do because I never learned how to type properly.

I have Halloween Dolls floating in my head. I need to get a little bit more organized so I can make them happen AND get some more sleep. There is a candy girl and a male vampire for certain... and who knows what. A ghost bride perhaps?

Gotta get a move on. Still sleeping in too late and it just sets me back. I know this! But I was pooped yesterday and today I feel SO much better and rested. Downing lots of coffee too. : )

Here is another picture of Mastema... hopefully I will have more to show later today or tomorrow! Hoping to finish up a commissioned gypsy man today!

And how it is Wednesday already?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Finished up a commission today...

AND I am about 80% done with another one. I am on a roll!

Here is a picture of a new Vampire girl. : ) Hope you like her. She was inspired by the Underworld series.

Now I plan of resting.. my work day is over. I am pooped!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Horror Nights again!

Had a great time last night. Got pretty scared too. It was darker and creepier this time. When you first enter into Universal Studios there are areas called Scare Zones that you have to pass through. I have a map so you can see the layout. It is a LOT of walking.

One of the Scare Zones is called Horrorwood and has characters from different scary movies walking around. Now imagine this - the Scare Zones are filled with fog machines and lighting effects so sometimes you can't see when you are walking through them. And then - the scary costumed people jump out at you or follow you. Yikes!

But in Horrorwood The Exorcist was there!!! Scared the crap out of me. She was all creeping around - eek! I just wanted to get away from that area. Not for me.
Last night we went to three new houses and back to The Wolfman. We skipped Leave it to Cleaver because Rox is not fond of chainsaws. We saw The Spawning which wasn't too bad. Also Chucky which wasn't very good at all. Just really strange and we loved the Silver Screams house. SO COOL!

On Sunday we go back to see the shows. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Both are live and should be so much fun. Plus I think we will probably go back to the Saw House. The Saw House and The Wolfman are probably the two best houses. : )

I found a really good video of the Scare Zones... even the creepy Exorcist girl!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Going to Halloween Horror Nights again...

tonight. Going to see some of the other houses we missed and just have fun. But we aren't leaving until much later today.

Got everything mailed out and I have started more commissions. Jason - I should have one for you on Friday all done! : )

Yesterday's doll!

This is Nebula... the second in the Halloween series. She is a vampire.