Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good Thursday morning!

I have been fairly quiet the last couple of days. Just painting and creating. I can't wait to share some of my recent dolls too! I have an Ice Queen and a new AvantGuard repaint as well as a Wu Gene.

My office is a mess! This is very distracting and distressing for me. Creating is best done in an organized environment but I haven't taken the time to really clean in here. I am thinking about trying the method I learned off of She suggests setting your timer for 15 minutes and only cleaning for those minutes. Often we believe that when we clean we have to do everything at once, literally setting aside a day that we simple can't justify. That means that we keep putting a cleaning day off and the mess continues to grow and make us a little crazy. 15 minutes a day is time we can all spare and would really add up. I think I will do that experiment and get back with you. I will take a picture today and every day after 15 minutes of cleaning and see how I progress.

For now I am going to share a few more repainting lessons and get myself back to work.

Happy Thursday! LL

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