Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Saturday morning and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I’m working through this weekend but that is okay. I make art so let’s be real. It isn’t all that bad.

Florida is especially beautiful this morning. Low humidity… beautiful breeze…. I had to sit outside with my coffee for a while. I need a little laptop computer. I could be writing this out there! I really will have to make time to be outside today.

After a few hours of creating I am going to have an early dinner with my best friend from Jr. High School! I haven’t seen her in exactly 30 years. I am super excited for the visit. I believe her husband is coming along so I feel a bit sorry for him. He will just be listening to lots of chattering.

I am still drawing at night and painting in the daytime. I love playing with the Prismacolor Pencils so much but I miss watercolors. I will have to find the right time for that so it does not interfere with my dolls.

This week I have only wanted to paint so I have a lot of doll faces with no hairstyles. Woops! I will have to pick a day this weekend to just do hair, probably tomorrow.

I take pictures of work as I go with my phone but when I am painting dolls I use my phone to watch Netflix. I do all of my drawing at night in front of the TV so I’m not using my phone and I tend to take more pictures. I think the answer to this would be an Ipad. LOL

Progress pieces:

Finished pieces:

Have a safe and happy weekend! And please feel free to comment if you would like to see me create something! XOXO Laurie