Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well - I tried to post yesterday but...

my computer crashed and I didn't feel like rewriting the entire thing over again.

Friday night Roxy and I went to Halloween Horror Nights! It was so much fun. So far we have seen four houses. Our first was The Wolfman which was so cool! We actually walked through trees and the wolfman growled and jumped out at us a bunch of times. It was great.

Second house was Dracula... very cool castle. I actually have a video of it and the Frankenstein house.

The Saw house was actually my favorite of the night. Roxy and I watched all of the Saw movies in preparation and it felt like we were walking through the actual places. Very cool, gross, and creepy! Loved it! Unfortunately there are no videos of that.

We didn't get to ride the big roller coaster because it was closed. We did ride The Mummy and MIB... it took us about 5 hours to do all of that without a break. We have passes so we will be going back again next Thursday!

I was so exhausted that on Saturday I just didn't move much.

Today, however, I cleaned up and washed clothes. Also worked on my shipping and DVDs so I wouldn't have to worry about any of that in the morning. Just want to focus on dolls and art. : )

I will post the videos in a second. When I went to get them last time that is what made me crash! So I will post first and then post the videos.

Happy Sunday Night!

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