Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hi Ho!!

So I worked on a doll today and then later on Roxy and I took off for Orlando. We decided on Universal City Walk because we wanted to explore one of the resort hotels we hadn't seen. When we got there (it is a far walk from your car!!!) we got on a boat that takes you to the resorts. We stayed at Portafino Bay before but we still haven't seen the Hard Rock or the Royal Pacific Resort. This video shows you exactly what we saw today!

After we decided to go crazy and eat out! We were going to walk around in the mall but decided just to have dinner at Red Lobster. Roxy had coconut shrimp and I had shrimp and stuffed flounder. It was great! We came home and watched our shows and now it is time for bed.

P.S. I am furious with America's Next Top Model. Two of my favorites went home! I loved Bambi eyes! The the girl with the broken foot deserved another chance over Bianca who already had a second chance! NOT FAIR! BOOOOOO

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