Saturday, September 5, 2009

So have been blabbing so much that I just

skipped yesterday all together. I read this quote today from Tony Robbins on Twitter. Someone asked him how he had so much energy and he said: "You're spirit has Unlimted energy & its fed by a life of meaning Find UR passion!"

Soo we all have to find our passion! A long long time ago I came across Tony Robbins very first tape sets and I started listening to them and following them. Now get this... during the process I lost all of my weight, opened an account and started my business on eBay as an artist, and then found dolls. However, I was so busy with my dolls and living in that passion that I sort of forgot my Tony Robbins lessons. I am thinking I should go through the course again and I have been saying this for a while but it would be great to revisit it. Every day there are small exercises that really work.

Sooo - today I am showing two dolls since I missed yesterday. I am going to go with Will Turner created last year and also Drake, also created last year and was inspired by a character in that book I have been writing. : )

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  1. Makes me want to sing 'It's raining men!!!'. Such handsome guys!