Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh my! I haven't posted in several days!

Well - to be honest I have been working a lot. First I got caught up with all of my shipping. Steve burned a bunch of DVDs for me and then I burned even more so I have plenty and can just put them in the mailbox as the orders come it. Weee!!!!

I am finishing up a commission today. Thought I had finished it on Monday but then the client wanted more stuff (some that I forgot about - oops!) so I am finishing that up today. But I am showing a picture of her.

Yesterday I worked on a vampire since I was inspired by by commission. So this new one - a Suzette - will be the second in my Halloween series of dolls.

Today I got a late start. Had a sort of rude email so I let myself get all in a tither over it. Roxy said I was being a little over dramatic so I calmed down. Why is it that one little email that is rude can upset you so easily. Geez...

Now I am going to work on my vampire but here are the latest dolls I have done.

Nymeria - a Lana Lang repaint.
Rawnie - an Antoinette


  1. Sorry for being a pain in the rear, but she came out perfectly! Better than I imagined. I can't get over it - I keep going back to look at the pics. You are a fabulous artist. I hope none of my emails were the one you felt was rude - I certainly had no intention of offending you! :-)

  2. It wasn't you at all Crystal.

    Laurie they are so beautiful. Nymeria is breathtaking. Rawnie is very Lady Godiva beautiful.