Monday, September 7, 2009

I didn't write yesterday!

I guess I was taking Sunday off. Steve brought over huge steaks - they were 2.5 lbs each! Great steaks though.

I accomplished 0! Absolutely nothing at all. Soo - even though it is Labor Day and a happy Labor Day to all of you out there - I am still going to work.

Just got off the treadmill a little bit ago and ate a bowl of cereal. Off to take a shower now. Poor Rox doesn't feel good this morning. She is still resting.

Wait!! I did do something over the weekend. On Saturday I finished a chapter in my book.... I am at Chapter 22 but I think it is more than that because I have added more in between by almost three chapters so I could very well be at Chapter 25! Yesterday I tried to make a little outline of the Chapters so I could see if it was all cohesive. The outline was done late last night so it was rushed. I will need to take more time with that.

Today - however - is all about my dolls! So off to get that shower so I can get back into paint. When I don't paint for several days I really miss it.

Oh - here is a man doll for Sunday. I will get another up for today later on. This is Prince Henry... a Matt repaint, resculpt, reroot inspired by the movie Ever After in 2007 I believe. ; ) Okay - will post him later.. the computer is acting strange.

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