Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st!

Okay - where did this year go? It is already September! Really! That is just crazy.

Got on the treadmill this morning again - yay for me. I have a book I am reading in there that is keeping me entertained. I don't have an ipod but I would get bored silly if I didn't have something.

Had breakfast with Rox and we talked for a little longer than usual about stuff... life, etc... I am not in a particular hurry though because I am shipping things today. I was going to do it yesterday but it took me longer to get my auction done than I thought. Today is all about the shipping.

I have set aside some male repaints for this month. I can't access some of my files right now for older repaints but I will be able to before the month is out. I think I will start this month off with one of my most difficult and challenging repaints. I had him for a very long time and completed him early last year. This is Tommy Lee created out of a Sean.

Oh - I dyed the dress last night before bed. It is brilliant!


  1. This is one of your finest pieces of artwork. The tattoo's are just amazing....I can't imagine how long all that took!

  2. I'll claim him as mine, too! He always will be my very favorite doll!

  3. I say what patience dear Laurie must have had to get all those tattoes in place. I remember seeing him for the 1st time and thinking WOW.

    Got to love those Laurie's boys.

    Bren =0)

  4. Tommy is my favorite of all. The first time I saw pics of this doll, I was amazed and still am! I still can't believe how much this doll actually looks like him.
    Is this doll in your personal collection, or does someone have him?