Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One more thing...

In preparation from Halloween Horror Nights Rox and I have been rewatching the Saw movies... just finished watching Saw IV again... I watched Saw III the other night. Apparently I had missed that one so now Saw IV makes a lot more sense. Next up will be Saw V!!! It is SO gross but the story is clever.

I will also be riding this roller coaster for the first time. No over the shoulder restraints either! YIKES!!!


  1. LOL....okay now both those things would scare me to death! :-) I'd never be able to watch the Saw movies or even listen without being scared. Plus I love roller coasters...but that...OMG..now that's a roller coaster!!! LOL

  2. The story is interesting (SAW)
    but I can't keep my eyes open! LOL
    My daughters love them...and all scary movies, I just can't watch anything but some monster movies, that I know CAN'T happen!
    For a Halloween lover, I'm such a chicken!
    Can NOT wait to see what you have in store for OCT