Saturday, May 5, 2012

Discount shopping... great doll finds!

I live in the small town of Titusville, Florida. It is a quaint little place that is perfect for me, well, nearly perfect. I have lived in many places throughout my life, from bigger cities to really rural areas. That is all for another blog though. This is all about discount shopping!

For most of the 20+ years that I have lived in Titusville, there have been very few options on the list of “things to do”. There is a cute downtown area that is nice for a walk, but not much in the way of shopping. The closest real shopping centers were about twenty minutes away… not too bad of a drive, but an in-town option would be much easier.

Caffe Chocolat is a cute place to go for lunch in downtown Titusville.

Fortunately, a few years ago Titusville opened a new strip mall! I couldn’t have been more excited as I anxiously awaited the opening of our new Target, Marshalls and Petco! Finally they were offering us more than Walmart and frankly, I was over Walmart. The strip mall also moved Payless Shoes, GNC, and a few other local stores to this location. This is super convenient for me since it is literally 2 minutes from my house.

Of course, the best news ever was the grand opening of a Starbucks in the Target. I have spent many hours in that little Starbucks since the day of its opening. But this is not about coffee either, again, this is about discount shopping.

Shannon and I at the local Starbucks enjoy girl talk and yummy, overpriced coffee.

If Titusville is anything, it is a place that likes to buy cheap. Honestly, they would have benefited more by opening a Ross instead of Marshalls. However, I am still happy to have the new store. Recently I found Barbies there for only $5! Beautiful, brand new Barbie Basics that were selling in Target, right next door, for $20 and up. What a fantastic find! I love Barbie Basics. They are terrific to paint and I usually buy only one or two at a time.

Here are a few things I have done with Barbie Basics so far….

Mila Kunis

Emma Stone


I encourage you to look at your local Ross or Marshalls store for bargains like these. It was a lucky find, I admit. However, I always head over to the toy department to see what is available.

Of course the stores are all about the shoes, clothes, purses, etc…. and I love that too! I really enjoy the interesting food items you can’t generally find in your grocery store. Exotic sales and spices, salsas, candies, teas, etc… even water!

Have a super weekend! XOXO LL

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