Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I want!

Sometimes I see a new doll, make up collection or shoes/clothes and my eye just starts twitching. I think in my head, "I really realllllly want that." Silly me! Here are a few things I think I might not be able to live without. Teehee

Wanderlust Desert Collection

I will survive, of course. I have a lot of make up! It is just so pretty... sigh...

When it comes to dolls there really is no end to things I want. For instance, I am a doll clothes hoarder! Goodness, who knew. It is so hard for me to sell them. Right now I am just going to talk about a few of the Tonner Dolls that I dream about. I have a gorgeous Ashleigh to paint right now so I want to keep this short.

I have a real thing for Tonner/Wilde Imagination's new Steampunk Collection. They are so simply fabulous! Check out the link below. Love love love!

My blogging time is up... until next time (possibly later) XOXO LL

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