Friday, May 4, 2012

Everyone makes a difference to someone...

First off, I am going to be totally honest. I have consumed far too much coffee today. I have had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a sweet potato for lunch and through it all about two pots of coffee. It might be time to stop the madness. This is why I have another blog post. I am super hyper and talkative.

Having said all of that… what a strange way to start a blog post! Haha I just received an email from a wonderful person who wanted to express how much her daughter loved the gift of DVDs her mother had purchased for her. I had wrapped them and sent her a note with it. She didn’t know she was getting the DVDs until she opened them Christmas morning. I am so moved and just received permission to post the pictures and thoughtful words.

I recently uploaded our Christmas photos, and I especially loved the ones that I discovered of my daughter Morganne opening up her gift of the DVD set from you. (with my other two daughters looking on ;))  I have to tell you that Morganne is actually my *least* expressive kid (although you would NEVER know it by these photos, lol!)  She is my quiet child...reserved and watchful.  But when she figured out who the gift was from, and recognized your name...she almost cried! :)


Just the idea that something I created in this world would mean so much to someone else made me cry as I told my own daughter about it. I can’t thank Carmen enough for sharing this with me. You never really know whose lives you touch. I am so grateful and honored.

If you don’t think you make a difference just remember this… everyone makes a difference to someone.

Big hugs to Carmen and to your lovely daughter, Morganne (wicked name BTW and look at that face. Those cheekbones. Such a beauty). She can email me anytime and I will be there to help her.


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  1. What an absolutely fantastic post! Made me smile! :)