Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Self tanners

So I don't tan any more. I wish I could but a little sun is all I get. However I do really miss being tan. If you ever want to know something just go to you tube. There are so many people there willing to give you a real reviews of products and unbiased opinions.

So I discovered my very favorite self tanner through Kandee Johnson's channel. If you don't know who she is, she is a makeup artist who does tutorials on you tube (among other things). I bought Sun Laboratories Self Tanner on her recommendation and ended up buying it two more times. I really do love it. With everything though there are slight problems. The color isn't perfect. Pretty close but not perfection AND I had to apply it. It is like a lotion... goes on great and does very little streaking. It also makes you look tan immediately and darkens over time. However, I have to wear plastic gloves because this stuff will tan your hands big time! Getting it on the back of your hands isn't easy either.

Today I was looking through you tube and watching another favorite make up tutorial girl, Emily of broadcast beauty (I will leave links up for these lovely ladies) and she recommended Bare Escentuals Faux Tan and said it was practically perfect AND the big news.... it comes with an application brush... a big, flat kabuki brush! Well I have used Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Faux Tan that is just the loose mineral powder make up (not a self tanner) and the color is unbelievably perfect, so I was super excited!

I still have my Sun Laboratories sunless tanner and the Bare Escentuals is kinda pricy... though I will have to have it. However, I never considered a kabuki brush! I have a lot of those for applying make up around here. No, not the big, flat one... but it still worked. I went straight to my bathroom and retrieved on of my many brushes and swirled that self tanner all over my face and neck.

I have to say that the results were amazing. I mean, it really worked. So from now on I will be applying my sunless tanner with my little kabuki brush until the day I want to spring for the big enchilada. I am happy enough with Sun Laboratories to finish it up but look forward to trying out Bare Escentuals Faux Tan Sunless Tanner next.

Here are some links and please don't think you have to buy everything they offer. You can use your own exfoliater and your own lotion. I usually just scrub down with a good bath brush before I self tan. I also pre-moisturize. I do this because I think the color comes out more even and it protects my elbows, knees and ankles from becoming overly dark. Be careful around them.

I found a link with a you tube video of Kandee... the one I first watched. I bought all of the products but the next time I found a giant 32oz bottle of only the self tanner and it lasted me over a year.


Here is a link for the Bare Escentuals product. I can't find the larger sizes... you can get the product on eBay in a big 16oz bottle... the big brushes are around $45 separately. Some come with a smaller brush. Mine works just fine. QVC and their main website carry smaller bottles.


Here are the links to both Emily and Kandee's you tube channels.


If you have any trouble with those links you can search Kandee Johnson and/or Beauty Broadcast on you tube.

I hope this was useful information. I was so excited with the results I had to share. Here is the link with Emily talking about self tanners. It will help as well.


Happy self tanning if you are into that kind of thing. XOXO LL

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