Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Liv Tyler Repaint

Of course she can be Liv Tyler to you or the beautiful Arwen from Lord of the Rings. She does have great elf ears under that hair. Either way this gorgeous doll has soft, pale vinyl to simulate her flawless skin and her sculpt is a perfect likeness of Liv Tyler. She would look great in anything! She will be up on eBay later this evening. You can visit my website at 9PM when her auction goes live. Unfortunately I do not have her beautiful costume. This lovely doll arrived nude... she does have a pair of flat feet and fashion feet that can be switched.

I really enjoyed creating her. Her factory face paint was carefully removed. I then painted her with the finest artist grade acrylics. They pigments are strong and the paint so matte it looks as if it is part of the vinyl. I finish it off with several coats of sealer in both matte and a satin to give her eyes and lips a soft sheen. Her nails on her fingers and toes are natural with a glossy sealer and her body and face are softly blushed.

Liv will come with a certificate of authenticity by me. Liv can be redressed over and over in beautiful current fashions or stunning costumes from The Lord of the Rings (or any other movie you loved her in).

Hugs! LL

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  1. This is a beautiful Arwen/Liv! She looks so real and I know she's going to be the star in someone's collection. So glad to see that you are blogging again. You are making some huge breakthroughs and I am looking forward to seeing how they impact your repaint art. Take care and be kind to You!