Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little more information on Prilosec...

or any proton pump inhibitors. Thought it would be helpful to those who have been taking it like me.

These are both very interesting to read and a bit frightening too. I picked up a book on natural remedies in place of the PPI pills.I have read about half of it. Very hard to self diagnose. I could have a Candida Yeast overgrowth. I could have H. Pylori.... who knows. It effects thousands of us each year.

My magnesium arrived yesterday... I took that along with my other vitamins (B12, Vitamin D, Women's One a Day, and others....) and I felt SO much better. I had a lot of energy last night. I was running around my house cleaning and picking up before bed and I slept great. I have not stopped taking the Prilosec as of this day. When I get the natural remedies figured out I will see what happens there. Crossing my fingers. I can't believe I have been on the crap for 5 years!

Today I plan on getting everything shipped out so I am off to do that. XOXO LL

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