Monday, December 28, 2009

Well - Christmas is behind us &

the New Year is almost here. I am really looking forward to 2010. Feels like you can sort of wipe the slate clean and start over. I need that this year!

Just finished up dinner... back to eating healthy again. Had some fun with baking and lots of cookies and candies but that is all over. The fun can only last so long. I also finally finished my James from Twilight repaint.

I was almost done with him before the holidays but I just needed to take a little break so today I felt fresh when I finished him up. Talk about a great sculpt. I do hope they use him again in their line - I love his features. So many Tonner dolls to choose from now - I am like a kid in the candy store.

I need to order the new Simon soon - he looks like another great male and I am looking forward to painting him.

Here is a picture of James... happy holidays everyone!!!!

Oh - I almost forgot about my Ghost of Jimmy Angelov inspired by Goran Visnjic as he appeared in Practical Magic.

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