Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh my - when I get an idea in my head....

On Regis & Kelly they were making this really cool dish and Kelly swore you would like brussel sprouts if you made it. So I am all about new recipes and something that sounds cool. I had to chop up a pound of butternut squash which is HARD to do and a pound of brussel sprouts. That wasn't to bad. I had to roast chestnuts and then shell and peel them - OUCH! After the butternut squash my hands are a mess. It took over an hour to put this together. I will post the recipe if I like it. I am skeptical but hopefully after all that work it will be delicious.

I did some shipping today and mostly finished up a commission. I am very proud of how the commission came out and will share when I take pictures. Yesterday I put an AG doll for Jason Wu in my sales room... she is painted like Angelina Jolie. Here are the pictures.

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