Friday, October 16, 2009


This morning I got up and went out to the yard sales. There wasn't a lot for a girl like me. I was mostly looking for things for the dolls. However, I did find some goodies and even a couple of Halloween costume pieces for Roxy.

I found a pair of wicker chairs for the dolls. They like them very much... I am going to paint one black.

I found some fun pieces of jewelry that will work well with dolls.

The pickings were slim all in all but I did manage to find some goodies and that was fun.

I didn't work on dolls today so tomorrow bright and early I will be up working away... probably finishing up a commission - or getting close to finishing it. Maybe two! I have several that are so close to being done.

Here is a 2008 doll I did inspired by the movie Blade Runner - this is Pris.

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