Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Am I ever being the quiet little blogger...

Well - in my defense I did give myself a nasty paper cut yesterday on the tip of my pointer finger - left hand a least. But you type with that one a lot! Or I do because I never learned how to type properly.

I have Halloween Dolls floating in my head. I need to get a little bit more organized so I can make them happen AND get some more sleep. There is a candy girl and a male vampire for certain... and who knows what. A ghost bride perhaps?

Gotta get a move on. Still sleeping in too late and it just sets me back. I know this! But I was pooped yesterday and today I feel SO much better and rested. Downing lots of coffee too. : )

Here is another picture of Mastema... hopefully I will have more to show later today or tomorrow! Hoping to finish up a commissioned gypsy man today!

And how it is Wednesday already?

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