Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Horror Nights again!

Had a great time last night. Got pretty scared too. It was darker and creepier this time. When you first enter into Universal Studios there are areas called Scare Zones that you have to pass through. I have a map so you can see the layout. It is a LOT of walking.

One of the Scare Zones is called Horrorwood and has characters from different scary movies walking around. Now imagine this - the Scare Zones are filled with fog machines and lighting effects so sometimes you can't see when you are walking through them. And then - the scary costumed people jump out at you or follow you. Yikes!

But in Horrorwood The Exorcist was there!!! Scared the crap out of me. She was all creeping around - eek! I just wanted to get away from that area. Not for me.
Last night we went to three new houses and back to The Wolfman. We skipped Leave it to Cleaver because Rox is not fond of chainsaws. We saw The Spawning which wasn't too bad. Also Chucky which wasn't very good at all. Just really strange and we loved the Silver Screams house. SO COOL!

On Sunday we go back to see the shows. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Both are live and should be so much fun. Plus I think we will probably go back to the Saw House. The Saw House and The Wolfman are probably the two best houses. : )

I found a really good video of the Scare Zones... even the creepy Exorcist girl!!!

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