Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For shame!

Roxy had to remind me that I haven't posted on my blog! Whoopsies! Is that a word? Well - I have been working on dolls - mainly commissions. I want to finish all of my current commissions before Christmas... I think I mentioned that before. Which means that my commission book is currently closed. Can't finish them if I keep adding to them. : )

I am working on a really cool commission of Jean Paul Gaultier and he is coming out so great! I really can't wait to show him off. As I work on him I sit back and clap my hands at how great he is turning out! Yay!

Let's see... I still have my victim available on eBay and who knows what else is coming down the line. I have a new idea every day... gotta stay focused.

Here is a picture of my victim. She is running from the vampire who left those bite marks on her neck!

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