Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wondering why I can't paint faster?!

Working on more dolls... Antoinette as Iman. Not sure what to do with the hair though. I have lots of dolls in progress! But I am hungry for lunch.


  1. I clearly see Sandra Bullock, Iman, and Bella. I thinK I see a Brit but could be my own sense of who she should look like. Very beautiful. I always thought Iman looked so hot with a fro, or long spirals. More so when she rocked a fro. She's a timeless exotic beauty. OOOMPF! Glad you are so comfy now!!!

  2. So comfy - thank you! I don't know about the fro! Yikes! Yes - that is going to be Britney. You have a very good eye... they are all correct. The Wicked Lana isn't anyone - just pretty colors.