Friday, August 28, 2009


Went for the Friday hike in the woods today. We would go every day but it doesn't open until 9am and by the time I get home, eat, shower, etc... half my day is gone. So we go on Fridays. Today was interesting though, as we are walking I can hear little sprinkles from rain. But it was sunny so I didn't worry about it and we were under the canopy of the trees. But suddenly the sky opened up and we got soaked! Roxy was so smart, she had a hat and sunglasses on. I was not so lucky. We were a half mile in the woods and had more than a half mile to get out. I just accepted that I was going to be soaked and I was. It was kind of funny because right before the sky opened up Roxy said she wished she could jump in a pool. Nice. : )

I haven't accomplished much today but it isn't over yet. I did cook and clean. Guess I had better get to work!

Here is a Classic Tyler for the day. She is Addison and was created earlier this year.


  1. I love love your Tyler repaints! Sounds like you all had a busy morning!

  2. oh oh oh!!! I'm claim her, she is living and doing well here in TEXAS!