Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

The week is sort of flying by. Yikes! Yesterday I did my shipping and then I ended up working in the yard and cleaning out a kitchen cabinet that was making me crazy. Now it looks so nice.

I am messy! I make messes everywhere I go. My office needed to be completely cleaned because it stifles my creativity. WAHHH... I will clean and organize it to perfection and then I will keep up with it for a while and then BAM - one day I stop and before I know it I have to do the big cleaning overhaul again.

When I clean it up I will take a picture. I have dolls, doll bodies, and doll heads everywhere! Poor dolls!

Better get to work. It is a nice, rainy day.

Here is my Tyler repaint for the day. She is a classic Tyler named Josilene repainted in 2002.

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