Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday morning...

Today Roxy and I went for our morning walk. It was really humid out so we walked quickly to get it over with. : ) Came home and showered so I am ready to paint. I still have a lot of dolls on my plate that need to be moved on outta here.

The weekend was really nice. On Saturday I did Roxy's hair. Highlights and cut. Came out so cute that I am going to make an appointment to finally get my hair cut. It is way too long and so out of shape. The last couple of times I have cut it myself but I am going to have someone else do it for me this time.

Oh yeah - I also went out and found these amazing tomb stones that are a perfect 16" doll size. Rox and I are going to decorate it up for Halloween!

On Sunday we watched the rest of this season's 24. I do love that show. And then later we watched the Miss Universe Pageant. It was good too. Some really pretty gowns.

Today I haven't decided which dolls I will finish up. I am shooting for two that I have already started but we will see. Not sure who it will be but I will have at least one auction later on.

My Tyler for today is Chase - she is a classic Tyler and one of my favorites. She was created in 2003.

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