Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well - I have been fairly lazy this weekend...

I have way too many ideas and sometimes I think it cripples me a bit. I want to do this and that... but I need to just pick one or two projects and stick with those. I usually take the weekends off. I did mail out everything I needed to on Friday and yesterday I spent the day with Roxy.

This morning I did a little watercolor painting just for fun. It is a good way for me to relax and I don't do it often enough. Repainting a doll is very tiny work and it is tedious. I love that type of work but it can be tiring because of all the details so I can't paint dolls all day. Usually I do all of my best work first thing in the morning when I am fresh. Doll hairstyling is tedious too. It took me hours to get Allie's hair right. I just wanted to flop down in a recliner afterward.

I don't have anything to show today so I found a picture of a Layne repaint that I really liked... her name is Keiko.

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