Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am having one of those weeks...

I haven't felt like painting! This is not good. Today I think I feel like it. Sometimes if I just make myself sit there it will happen - other times - not so much. I am working on so many dolls that I feel a little scattered. Gotta make that list again. I notice that when I make a list of dolls to do I can get it done in a more orderly fashion but if I just look at them on my desk as they circle me - well not much happens.

Roxy helped me yesterday. I was painting Rachel McAdams who is just gorgeous but it wasn't really looking like her. She broke down the problems for me and it really made a difference. Ahhh - young eyes. Plus I think sometimes I just look at something for so long that I can't see what is wrong. She will be honest with me and that is something we all need.

Time to get busy! Here is a close up of the most recent Bella I painted.

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  1. I have that same feeling Laurie..it's like writers block but a genuine scared feeling. I don't know why? I don't know why I would be scared but it just hits me. I have been putting 3 on my list at a time and try not to think about the others that need to be done or I will get tht overwhelmed feeling/frustration. I thought I was such a weirdo for feelng scared...it's comforting to know that's not a foreign feeling. You'll get back on track..ps your Madra is to die for..I can't believe that's a Madra!!!!