Friday, July 3, 2009

I was quiet yesterday!

Actually I have been working on a project so I was just busy. I am creating something that is turning out to be quite a bit of work. I am going to have to do it a little bit here and there since I do have so many dolls that need to be completed as well.

I swear when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is let these thoughts run through my head of what I am going to achieve today. Here is my mental list for the day:

Answer all my emails
Work on that new project
Mail out DVDs (burn, print, and package them)
Go to the post office
Take pictures of doll things that I need to sell
Edit pictures of doll things and create auctions
Finish at least one commission doll or work on an auction doll
Clean house
Go to the grocery store
Spend time with Roxy

Everyday it is the same! And then I sit here staring at my screen in utter panic because I don't know where to start and I know deep down I can't possibly finish any of it. And there is NO time for me. Where is my shower, exercise, mealtime, etc...

It is no wonder I can't get anything done.

I think I need to sit down and make a list and include myself in it too. A list of what I know I can do today. Whew! Honestly with this way of thinking I haven't been getting much done at all. I literally cripple myself with fear and overwhelming circumstances. And the list above doesn't even include other problems or stresses.

Time to get that list made! I feel better just acknowledging this and now I can move on to doing what can be done today.

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