Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Staying up...

way too LATE! Then I sleep in and get a late start on the day! Ahhh... I am just sitting here answering my emails. I think I have a couple of things to mail out but I probably will get that done later on today. I have a lot of dolls staring at me right now that aren't complete and they are wondering what is taking me so long to finish them up.

Some days I wake up with an immediate sense of being overwhelmed. This is not the best way to roll out of bed. My mind immediately goes crazy with the thought of bills, commissions, and housework. I just have to remember that no one ever gets it done. There is always more to do... always. In fact my worrying cripples me and I get less done. So I am taking a deep breath and just moving forward. This is probably the time when someone knows they need a vacation. HA

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