Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Morning!

Well it is a beautiful, hot day here on the east coast of Florida. I am hoping for some rain to cool things off.

Just packing up a few things for shipping... almost done with that. While I am out I need to pick up some groceries. When I get back it is ALL about the dolls.

In my work space/office/studio... I have a desk with my computer. It is a corner desk and is covered in dolls. Next to me I have a window and below that a little dresser full of art supplies. On top there are doll magazines. Behind me is my "studio" with my paint and more supplies. There are many doll heads on the shelves. Below that are lots of dolls, doll bodies and a huge container filled with doll clothes that I haven't organized in a while. (I also have doll clothes in my doll dresser in another room and another three containers as well.)

The room is pretty small but because of the window I am happy in here. I can paint and turn around and answer emails. : ) This is a picture of it all clean right after we finished with the room when we remodeled. I will take some pictures of it now (after I clean up a bit more - ha!)

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