Thursday, April 19, 2012

Will I ever be a dedicated blogger?

Who really knows the answer to this. I do love to write. I mean I love it. I love to talk and I love to express my opinion and share everything I am thinking. Well almost everything. I don't get it! I would love to start every morning with a cup of coffee and a nice chat here on my blog. Maybe today is the start of a new beginning! Why not?! I am even thinking about creating a channel but I haven't been brave enough to do that yet. My office is a hot mess right now.

I am writing this knowing FULL WELL I need to get in there and hop on that treadmill. I have to clean house after that. :/  Hey - that's life.

I have an amazing day creating. I finished up my Queen Amidala bust that I hand sculpted. She has so much detail and was really a big project for me. I love her. I mean love her and loved creating her. On Pinterest I ran across a pin of a head sculpt in polymer clay and thought it was absolutely perfect for me. Full creative freedom. With the queen I sculpted in pictures all over her body and in her headpiece.It turned out to be a much bigger project than I anticipated but I am so glad I did it. My next sculpted bust will be something gothic and romantic. Something haunting. I can't wait to start. But not tonight! I have house cleaning to do. Company is coming over on Saturday. It is prom around here and Rox will be doing makeup and I will be doing hair. After work tomorrow I am off to Paul's for just Friday night...


I also created a mermaid out of a My Scene Barbie with a custom base! That was super fun. I just let my imagination run wild with her. She is too adorable. I am a sucker for mermaids anyway so I will be creating more. I have so many things to work with here I have been a little all over the place with my projects.

I finished up four paintings I did in coffee over the last couple of weeks. I have a Marilyn Monroe mermaid I will be doing in watercolor if I have the energy tonight. She is all drawn and I would love to start painting her. We will see. I have a lot to do!

So off to the treadmill