Friday, April 20, 2012

What to do?

Working at home sometimes has its challenges. Yesterday I worked on a doll so today I decided to paint in watercolor. With art I am a little all over the place lately. I am not sure why but I feel like I want to do everything!Yesterday when I was on the treadmill I was creating in my head. I was working on my next bust and sketching my next painting... a Terminator enoskeleton and Sarah Conner. I am still thinking of gothic romance for the bust sculpture.

Last night Rox and I cleaned the house and talked about blogging. It seems like if you blog it you have to do it. As if it holds you accountable. I like having something like that in my life. As if writing it down (or perhaps when I am braver) making a you tube video about it will actually prompt me into doing it.

When you work at home it is so easy to take breaks and say you will do something tomorrow. I am seriously famous for that. I don't have someone constantly reminding me of what needs to be done so perhaps I need to create that with my own voice and words. Of course video blogging terrifies me. I have watched other you tubers talking about how they were also uncomfortable at first but that you get used to it. I have made instructional videos in which I do not appear and it really does take a effort to relax before I speak. Often I have to start over again a bunch of times but once I am on a roll I am fine. It is knowing what you are talking about that makes you comfortable. It also helps you recognize words you say WAY too many times.

It is a thought that I will set into motion. I probably have to do it alone first and just see how I do. I am kind of excited about it. I do have a video camera.

Gotta get back to painting Marilyn the mermaid. I would like to finish her today. I think it is time for Pandora.


Tomorrow will be all about prom! Will share pictures. Until then....



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  2. Love the Marilyn the Mermaid. I can sympathize with the "putting off" for tomorrow what I could be doing today. I rarely have the drive or the energy to get everything done that I want. Hopefully, once summer arrives, I will sieze the day and take care of all those little projects that I want to get accomplished. :0)