Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I like fan art...

My boyfriend sent me a link to a wonderful artist. I was looking at her work, admiring it and followed a link to her blog. There I found this wonderful quote! I don't know who it is by and pardon the "French" but I love it so here it is.

"Drawing is fun, but making fanart is the best. Because fanart gives people permission to like things. So much today, there’s this attitude that it’s not cool to like things, that you have to like things ironically or not at all, that you have to act restrained, unenthusiastic, bored, and that it’s better to scoff and keep your embarrassing pleasures to yourself. So I make fanart because fuck all that. I’m a nerd, and I like things, and I enjoy liking things. If I draw something, and it makes a person feel like an unabashed kid again, then that’s worth it. If I draw something, and it makes a person feel like they have an ally, like they’re allowed to smile, like they have someone to share their geek-out with, and they’re reminded that there was once a time when stories could capture their imaginations, then that’s good enough for me."

This quote was found here.... enjoy her work!

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