Saturday, July 16, 2011


Trying to decide what to do first this morning. I don't have a "plan" or a "to do list" so I will probably do that. I know there are a few things that must be done and the rest is for me to decide. Not even thinking about housework or that sort of thing. Only art related today.

I was on Facebook and one of my friends mentioned she was hitting Starbucks. Made me think about how much I have always wanted to live in a quaint little town. The kind where you can walk everywhere and you know everyone. I would have an art studio there and people could stop by and say hello.

Chances are that sounds nicer in the imagined world than in the real world. LOL

Thinking about my website. I am still using an old program. Poor thing is more a hodgepodge of over 10 years instead of a well oiled machine. Gotta look around for something new. I learned that old program, I can learn a new one.

So off to the races. I have a Mighty Mugg to finish, pictures to take, coffee to drink! Let's go!

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