Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So there that is - I am sure I am missing a doll...

but that is okay... I should probably update my website.

What has been going on with me. Well - working out and walking every day. That wasn't really my New Year's resolution... I started early November and didn't get too side tracked by the holidays until Christmas. It took me a few weeks to recover from wanting cookies all the time. But I am there now - eating healthy - skipping the cookies.

The water heater is broken which is sort of funny because if anyone was following my blog in the summer then they know my A/C was out. I couldn't even work it was so hot. Why didn't it break in the winter? No - the water heater breaks in the winter so the water is ice cold. LOL Well - it is okay. I still get about 10 minutes of hot water out of it but it is increasingly getting warmer and warmer. We are getting a new one put in this weekend. We will survive!

I am reading - that has been fun. I got a Kindle for Christmas and since I received it I have read nearly 5 books. That is a lot for me since I can't remember the last book I read. Actually - I do. Roxy read all of the Twilight books to me out loud. So I didn't actually read them at all - did I. Before that I listened to the last Harry Potter... so I haven't been reading much. This Kindle has changed all of that. Ironically I am reading another vampire series called The Black Dagger Brotherhood... and I absolutely love it. I am on Book 5. I really do recommend these books for anyone who loves vampires and well, awesome stories that are a bit different and original. I would love to see these stories on Showtime or HBO but I am afraid the vampires are taking over so there isn't much more room. Oh well.

Other than that all is good. I had coffee with an old friend. She looked great and brought her beautiful new daughter with her... only 3 months old! She is adorable. I had the best time talking with her - we were only going to visit for a few hours and we were there for almost five!

More tomorrow... I have to go to bed and read! Night!

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