Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick note about commissions >>

I am accepting commissions. When I get a commission sometimes I am quick about it and sometimes I am not so quick. It isn't because I am not giving your commission the full attention it deserves but rather I am working it out in my head. I have probably started it already and if I have run into a snag or I don't like the direction I am going I will shelf it for a bit so I can have a fresh perspective.

I want to give every doll the full attention it deserves. Sometimes the inspiration is so strong it comes together easily... other times (especially if I have painted several of the same doll) it will take a bit longer. It isn't because I don't care for the doll at all... I am always looking for ways to improve. I do a lot of research on celebrity dolls as well. I study pictures and watch videos on the subject looking for things I might have missed before.

Your turn around time could be two weeks or two months (sometimes a bit longer - depending on how many dolls I have in the house). I always deeply appreciate your patience. I do want your doll to be very special to you and something you will love for many years to come!


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