Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finished up a face today..

on a commissioned doll. She is a Honey Antoinette which I think may be my favorite skin tones of the Antoinettes. I like Spice too. They are all good I just especially love Honey. Tomorrow I will be working on another commission and I just looked at my Google Calendar and noticed which doll I will be working on and I haven't finished that reroot! So I am going to finish that up tonight.

Been watching QVC! I know - I should stay away but it reminds me that Christmas is only 44 days away and puts me in the spirit. After all - I will be decorating the tree in a couple of weeks! WOW - I love pulling out my ornaments that I have collected for over 20 years now. It just makes them special.. I remember mostly where I got them or who gave them to me.

Now that I know I need to reroot I am going to do it right now. It is almost done but not quite yet. Glad I saw that on my calendar!

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